La Creative Mode di Minecraft è finalmente sbarcata sulla console di Microsoft, XBOX360.

La notizia è stata diffusa tramite il social network Twitter, dagli sviluppatori 4J Studios. L’aggiornamento è disponibile già sul Microsft Live.

Di seguito il changelog:

Fifth Update

Bug fixes: [Collapse]
  • Fix for duplication glitch.[10]
  • Fix for aspect ratio of things in hand when in splitscreen mode.[10]
  • Fix for issue with player data not saving (player starting world with no items they had when they saved.[10]
  • Fix for redstone tiles burning out when they shouldn’t.[10]
  • Fixed issue with Minecart with Furnace not being able to move another Minecart.[10]
  • Fixed particle code for flipped 3rd person view.[10]
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